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"No, really, you are a sweet heart!" -- Laure Desage

"Too non committal to commit to a life with no commitment!" -- Me

"I wouldn't say crazy, but careless in an adolescent way." -- Ben Colborn

I was born in Spokane, Washington. My family moved around a lot in my early years, but by second grade my family had settled in the Ephrata / Moses Lake area. You can see a picture of my parent's house online. I spent a majority of my youth exploring that area and enjoyed many of the recreational opportunities there.

I attended school in the Ephrata Public School system. During High School, I worked on a farm and as a volunteer fireman. Working during the summers and after school made it financially possible for me to spend a great deal of my time working on and riding motorcycles. While in my senior year of high school, I started to play with computers in hopes that it would someday lead me into a successfull career. I graduated from Ephrata High School in 1992 (go class of 92).

After high school I came to the University of Idaho to study computer engineering. In 1995, I started working for Computer Services as part of the Telephone Infrastructure Project (TIP). When TIP ended, Computer Services kept me on as a network technician. During the fall of 96 I realized that my true calling is more in the area of Computer Science and switched my major. I graduated in the spring of 1998 with a my BS in Computer Science.

Currently I am working at Sun Microsystems. My current job is with ENS, working as a System Administrator in SUN02 (Sunnyvale building 2). The people I work with are designing Sun's next generations of processors. Some day I hope to be able to move into a much cooler job with a group like Sun Labs where the really interesting stuff happens.

My hobbies include anything "extreme" or computer related. Most of my hobbies are classified as adrenaline fixations, however I also like to play with computers and electronics. On my personal computer I have used Linux (NOT currently installed), FreeBSD, and Windows NT. At work I have used (list includes both UI and Sun) Solaris, Netware, Windows, WinNT, DOS, HPUX 9/10, BSD, etc. I look forward to chances to play with HURD, Inferno, and Plan9. I do as much programming as I can find time to in C, C++, Perl, HTML, Java, Java Script, and Shell scripts. However, lately My free time to program has been hard to find.

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